Asia Bizz: Dell Employees Will Be Using Dell Handsets In Place Of BlackBerry’s

In the latest move undertaken by Dell, the company will be providing it’s employees with Dell handsets in place of the BlackBerry’s smartphones. Dell today is one of the best computer and laptop manufacturer in the world and they are known for their product quality. As of now they are in strict competition against other companies and especially talking about cellphones, they are against Research In Motion.

The officials have stated, that keeping the competition in mind, they will be giving the Dell employees, brand new Dell Venue Pro’s in exchange for the same. The Venue Pro is a smart product manufactured by Dell and is a direct rival to the BlackBerry.

The finance authorities at the company have stated that by providing the employees with Dell handsets, will be cutting down costs almost by one fourth. It has been estimated that as many as 25000 Dell employees are currently using BlackBerry’s, but from now on they will be provided with the Dell Venue Pro for Business purposes.