Asia Bizz: Queen Elizabeth II Join Facebook, Gets 40000 Fans To ‘Like’ The Page

The Royal Monarchy of England, Queen Elizabeth II has made an account on Facebook, which means she has officially joined the social networking site, and the most exciting part is that almost 40000 fans of the Queen have clicked ‘Like’ for the Queen’s Facebook page in the first hour itself. The British Monarchy page was released at 08.00 am on Facebook, which provides the world to connect the Royal Family through this Social Networking Site.

So there were more than 40000 ‘Likes’ clicked on the Queen’s account, as the regular people cannot become friends of the Queen. The page shows the latest Court Circular and gives a detailed description of the what the Royal Members of the family will be engaged into.

It is are really exciting moment for the people of UK, as they can now be in-touch with their queen through the Social Network. In addition to this this also makes the arrangements and engagements of the Royal family to become more public to the world outside.


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