Asia Bizz: Google Street View Baby Birth Fake

There are many unusual things happening with the Google Street View, and this time in Germany, the roaming vehicle has reportedly caught a couple giving birth to a child on the pavement of a street. There are speculations on this street view video, as to whether this was something real or just fake and sadly, reports state that it was fake.

According to experts, this incident could just have not taken place, because there was a hospital just across the street and it is impossible that the hospital authorities were unaware of this. It is shown that a German man is kneeling down and assisting the woman to give birth to a child and indeed a child does appear in his hands.

There are many such instances that the Google street view has managed to trap in its feature, and sadly most of them turned out to be fake. In Germany itself, the Street View car caught a naked man coming out of the boot of a car, and it is really something funny to see.

Source: Mirror Uk


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