Asia Bizz: Global Launch Event Planned By ‘World Of Warcraft’ On December 6th

World of Warcraft has decided to have a global launch event on the 6th December 2010, in context to the eve of their sixth anniversary. Cataclysm, Blizzard Entertainment’s latest war game will also be launched a day after the event, on the 7th Of December; and this will expand the company’s roots in the world of online gaming .

The announcement of the global launch event was published in London, Madrid, Moscow, Paris, Rotterdam and Stockholm on the 22nd of November. The event will be a great place for World of Warcraft fans and gamers to come and interact with each other and also with the game developers. They can also have a great time and take part in small competitions at the event and there are prizes to follow too.

Online gaming has become a huge technology business today, and Blizzard is looking forward to make itself concrete in this sector. World Of Warcraft does have strong popularity in the market, but then, loses out to games which are basically free to play online, while Warcraft needs subscription. During the event, the company may be focussing on this question and will try to bring out a better alternative to it.

Source: independent


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