Asia Bizz: Samsung Galaxy Review – If Size Does Not Matter To You

Many say that the 5 inch Dell Streak was a big phone, maybe a little too big, just imagine adding another two inches to that, what you will have now is a Android-powered Samsung Galaxy.


The Samsung Galaxy works totally like a 3G phone and the Samsung Galaxy Tab is almost like something between a phone and an iPad when you think of its size.

The other part where it would be wonderful for a user to use the Samsung Galaxy is if the person prefers a Bluetooth headset or handfree instead of holding the huge phone and talking on it. The speaker phone is kinda loud to use in private areas.

If compared with the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is significantly smaller than 10-inches. Both the screens have not much of a difference with their screen resolutions.

The Samsung Galaxy supports almost every video formats from mp4, wmv, DivX, XviD, mkv, etc. It has a 5 Megapixel camera including Auto-focus, Touch-focus. Video recording is HD Ready 1280*720 pixels on the Samsung Galaxy. The battery is great and lasts for around 2 days even with heavy usage.

The Samsung Galaxy is easily one of the top Android phones available in markets now.


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