Asia Bizz: Toshiba Corp is aiming to increase size of glasses-free 3-D televisions in Japan, and the company is ready to start selling for the first time glasses-free 3-D televisions.

This week Toshiba Corp starts sales of the Worlds first glasses-free 3-D televisions, and the company is not looking back and is looking forward to make larger models of more than 40 inches in the new year.

Masaaki Osumi, who heads the Toshiba’s TV operations said that the company is looking forward to offer options of watching 3-D with or without the use of glasses.

Toshiba also looks forward to reveal some more info on the same at the annual Consumer Electronics Show which is held at Las Vegas in the month of January.

This would help bring down the prices of 3D televisions, the ones that you have to use glasses with as a compulsion.