US-based smartphone giant Apple has asked a federal judge to ban the sales of Samsung smartphones and tablet computers in the United States. The recent move has been made in regards to the infamous patent case which involves the two companies.


Apple stated in its court filing in California that the smartphones and tablets have violated patents in a jury trial which was held in 2012. In November 2013, Apple renewed its bid for a permanent injunction on sales of various products by Samsung. The renewal came after an appeals court made its decision and cleared the way for a new hearing regarding the issue.

The latest filing is dated December 26, 2013 and the attorneys of Apple wrote that the court “previously concluded that Samsung’s sale of infringing products has irreparably harmed Apple”. In addition to that, the document stated that the decision by appeals court made it clear that the record evidence demonstrates a sufficient causal nexus between the South Korean company’s infringement and the irreparable harm done to Apple.

The US-based company went on to say that money damages are not an appropriate remedy for Samsung’s infringement of these patents. Bans are sought on the smartphone models of Samsung including Captivate, Continuum, Droid Charge, Epic 4G, Exhibit 4G, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Prevail, Galaxy Tab, Tab 10.1 tablets and more.

Photo Credits: NDTV


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