Asia Bizz: UK Economy Has Grown More Than It Was Thought Of

This is indeed good news for the UK economy, as it has grown strongly and more than it was predicted in the second quarter. The Economy jumped by 1.2% this quarter, a strong increase as it was predicted of being somewhere near 1.1%. Main chunk of the growth goes to the Construction sector in UK.
UK Economy growth august

This has been the strongest and the fastest growth recorded in UK since 2001. Even though there was substantial growth in the economy, the only sector that was hammered was the air line industry, which fell by 11%. The Office of National Statistics has state these figures for the UK economy.

According to the ONS, the strong growth came from the construction sector, as it grew by 8.5%. After looking at these stats it looks that the UK economy is looking very positive. The UK economy has been performing better than the American economy, as there has been growth witnessed at regular intervals.

Source: BBC


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