With the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones in the country, the number of mobile Internet users in India is all set to reach a massive figure. Internet & Mobile Association Of India and IMRB International have revealed the latest figures and claim that there will be 155 million people in India accessing the web via their phones by the end of March 2014.

mobile internet India

A quarter-over-quarter growth of 20 percent is noticed and the number is expected to reach 185 million by June 2014. The ‘Mobile Internet In India 2013’ report was released on January 1, 2014.

The report mentioned that in October 2013, India had 110 million mobile Internet users, with just 25 million users in rural areas of the country. The dominance of the country’s urban areas in the segment is expected to continue for at least a couple of quarters.

This has also indicated that many Indians accessed the internet on their mobiles for the first time. The report also says that across both urban and rural India, more than half of the internet users were on their mobile phones. One of the major reasons behind the increase of mobile internet users is that the average cost per user decreased to Rs. 387 from Rs. 460 in 2012. Another major reason is the decreasing cost of Internet-enabled smart devices.

Photo Credits: Live Mint


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