Asia Bizz: Google To Start Phone Call Service In Gmail

Google has now taken yet another step to make itself concrete in the cyber market, and this time it has come up a service in Gmail. Google has announced that it will be integrating a phone service in its mailing sector Gmail. This the latest move by Google, and it is something that has not been used before.


Google will enable users to call any telephone, or cellphone through its mail service, which is really handy when a person can be going anywhere in the world. The phone service has already been used by millions of people and it looks by launching this service people will using the service on a large scale.

No matter this is direct competition to Skype, as Skype gives users totally liberty to users to call anywhere and on any service in the world. Skype has been in this business for years now and it has already set a number of loyal followers for Skype. Google has paid special attention on call rates, as the service will be bargaining strongly on international call rates for the customers.

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