The global auto industry will soon have vehicles which will not require a driver and will be able to drive themselves. A forecast published by IHS Automotive – the auto industry consultant – said that sales of self-driving vehicles will account for about 9% of global car sales in about twenty years.

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The recent study concentrated on autonomous cars, which are able to drive by themselves and do not require the driver’s attention. For now, such cars are not available commercially, but it is predicted that they might go on sale by 2025. IHS is expecting that international sales of self-driving cars in 2025 will be 230,000, which accounts for less than 1% of the 115 million vehicles which are expected to be sold during that year.

By 2035, sales of self-driving cars will reach 11.8 million, which is 9% of the 129 million auto sales on a global scale that year. The majority of sales will be expected in the developed markets, including the United States, Western Europe and Japan.

The pace of growth for self-driving cars is set to surpass that of electric cars. For the time being, the popularity of electric cars has gone down due to high costs of batteries.

Photo Credits: Marzi


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