The biggest and most popular online shopping site of China, is increasing its popularity on a daily basis, not just in the country, but all over the world. Taobao is a website for online shopping – similar to eBay and Amazon – and is operated by Alibaba Group, the parent company.

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One of the residents of Russia said that she purchased decorations and gifts for her family for the holiday season and makes frequent purchases almost every month. The 34-year-old shopper Marina Kobylenko Viktorovna said , “Chinese commodities are inexpensive and good quality. All I have to do is sit in front of acomputer, find what I want and click”. Xiao Haikun, the public relations officer at Alibaba Group said that the light-goods market in Russia is not yet developed and China is offering a huge variety of products with price advantages.

In recent times, Russians have been buying plenty of goods from China. Data from Tabao showed that the company sent $2 million worth of goods in February 2013 and the figure doubled in May 2013.

The PR officer also informed that tablets, household items, cellphones, shoes and clothes are the most popular items with Russian shoppers. The Google Translate option helps Russians to understand the weaknesses and strengths of the products they are keen on buying.

Photo Credits: Truevoicetech