Asia Bizz: Mexicana Airlines Suspends Its Service, Chicago Passengers Stranded On Mexico Airport

As the Mexicana Airlines has announced that it has become bankrupt, and it will be suspending its flights from 28th of August, this news has left many people from Chicago in Mexico stranded. The airlines had stopped selling its tickets from the 2nd of August, but people who were stranded had purchased their tickets in advance.

mexicana airlines

Solutions for these passengers is that they can come to the US only if some other airlines takes the honorary job to bring them back, or else take a cross border bus back home. The Americans were on vacation in Mexico, and it is the end of the month when they are suppose to be coming back.

For the moment no airlines has come forward to help the passengers from Mexico. Mexicana airlines was hit badly due to the swine flu outbreak and economy downfall, leading the airlines straight on the path of bankruptcy. The operations ceased from the afternoon of 28th August.


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