The government of Singapore is looking at ways to increase capacity in the childcare sector. The country’s government is facing a shortage of qualified manpower, meaning that one of the biggest challenges for childcare operators is to offer infant care services.

infant care

The current situation has had an effect on dual income households, where the mother needs to go back to work following the end of her leave. Many parents in the country are struggling to find an infant care center for their children, as the mothers are obliged to go back to work. The parents are forced to visit several centers and their names are placed on the wait list.

The Early Childhood Development Agency revealed figures, which show that as of October 2012, enrollment for infant care places in the Marine Parade and East Coast areas stand at 40, which is below the complete capacity of 53 places. According to experts, the issue is with location and demand. In addition to that, not all centers in Singapore provide infant care.

Out of 1,077 childcare centers in Singapore, just 324 provide infant care services. Some of the reasons behind these problems include lack of space and limited manpower. Moreover, infants generally need more care as they require individual attention.

Photo Credits: Yahoo