Asia Bizz: Dell Eyes 3Par, Sees A Gateway To Cloud Projects

American technology giant, Dell has said that if it takes over 3Par, it will be creating a very big opportunity for Dell to enter the world of Cloud computing. 3Par is high end data storage company, and Dell and Hp are eying to takeover this firm. Dell feels that if the deal goes with Hewlett Packard (Hp), it wont be able to pull customers into the cloud computing business.


Praveen Asthana, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions and Strategy said the customers in Dell first prefer high end systems first then the rest. The war between Dell and Hp has reached $2 Billion mark and it looks it will be getting hotter from here onwards.

The secret of 3Par is that it provides storage for in very thin provisioning and it allocates just the amount of storage that a particular application needs, thus it increases the efficiency of storage. Asthana spoke on behalf of Dell and said that there is a very strong market in data storage companies.


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