Asia Bizz: UK Stats Show, 9.2 Million Britons Have Never Used The Internet

The Office Of National Statistics report released on Friday in UK showed that some 9.2 million Britons have never been online, which means they have never used the net in their lives. They mainly consist of people who are above 65 years old, widows and the people with low income. It was noticed that as there was a decrease in the income, there was a decrease in the internet usage.

World Wide Web

Stats show, that 45% of unqualified adults have used the internet in their life and 97% qualified and degree holding adults have used the internet on a regular basis. 30.1 million people are using the internet in the UK on every day basis as a compulsion, and a total of 38 million adults are internet users in the UK.

There was a strong increase in the internet usage in the UK in 2006, but now there has been a decrease due to the economy downfall. The city of London has the highest concentration of internet usage and connections, with 83% of the households connected with the internet. Compared to the UK and the US, the eastern countries like India and China are becoming giants in internet usage. There has always been a considerable increase in these countries when it comes to internet usage and connections every year.

Source: T3


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