Jaguar Land Rover China is set to team up with the country’s Chery Automotive in order to produce prototypes by mid-2014. Bob Grace, the president of Jaguar Land Rover China announced the company’s new products, in addition to soaring sales figures and the potential for massive growth in the future.


Grace promised to deliver all of these things at the upcoming Auto China 2014, which is scheduled to be held in Beijing in April 2014. He said, “The growth driver, apart from the new joint venture factory, is just to continue deliver a great new product”. It was also announced by the 51-year-old president that Land Rover will release its first-ever low-emission, hybrid SUV in the middle of 2014.

It is also predicted that the joint production – which has been going on for the past 2 years – will begin to meet the demands of the ever-growing car market in China. While talking about the factory which is run jointly by the two companies, Grace said that by the middle of 2014, they will begin to see the first stages of the prototype production happening in Changshu.

When it comes to the sales numbers, the president revealed that JLR China sold more than 95,200 cars in 2013, which is 30 percent more than in 2012. In addition to that, the Chinese market has contributed 22.4 percent of the global sales volume of 425,000 units.

Photo Credits: The Car Connection


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