Asia Bizz: Prime Minister Vladamir Putin Gives A Hint, May Return Again To The Kremlin In 2012

Current Russian Prime Minister, Vladamir Putin has given a possible hint that he will be returning as the President to the Kremlin once again in the year 2012. The Kommersant News paper asked him about the Presidency election in the 2012, he replied that he does not worry much about it as he has already decided about it.


He made a strong statement that the democracy protesters who are marching without permission need to be beaten. Putin was in the President’s term from the year 2000-08, but as per the law he could not regain the President’s seat for the third time. He has full liberty to run for the President’s post in the year 2012.

According to a random poll, some 86% of people have said no to Putin, to regain the President’s post, but this does not surely include the people who are strong followers of Putin. Vladamir has always proved to be a strong leader for Russia, and even indeed he is one of the favorites among the world leaders.


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