Certain services of search engine giant Google went down for a number of users across the globe, including India. The internet giant was fast enough to rectify the issue, in addition to releasing an apology via its Google Plus account.


In the apology posted, the company has listed several reasons which were responsible for the outage. The company’s services which were affected included Google+, Gmail, Documents and Calendar. It was noticed that about 10 percent of users were affected for around 25 minutes, while others experienced the same issues for about 30 minutes.

While addressing the problem, Google explained that an internal system which generates configurations – information which tells other systems how to act – managed to generate an incorrect configuration due to a bug in the software. Over the next 15 minutes, the incorrect configuration was sent to live services, which caused users? requests for data to be ignored and services – in turn – generated errors.

Once that happened, users of these services started seeing errors. While engineers were still debugging 12 minutes later, the same system generated a new correct configuration and began sending it. Google’s services are all in place and the company has ensured that it will take measures to avoid such issues in the future.

Photo Credits: ITV