The transport ministry of Japan will be taking steps in order to relax carry-on restrictions for liquids and gels which are carried by passengers catching connecting flights from abroad. Sources from the ministry say that the restrictions are being relaxed in an attempt to follow the global trend toward relaxing baggage controls, which are in place for international flights across the globe.

airport liquid

The restrictions were levied following a terrorist plot in 2006, which was aiming at blowing up aircraft flying from Britain to the United States. Luckily, the plot was prevented on time. The changes in policy will affect carry-on items – including wine, lotion and many others – and will take effect from January 31, 2014.

For now, travelers on international flights from Japan are not allowed to board their flight with containers holding more than 100 ml of liquid or gel. From January 31, 2014, such carry-on items will be allowed, as long as they are in ‘security tamper-evident packs’, which are clear and are specifically designed to hold liquids and gels.

Before boarding, these items will be screened with special equipment. The country’s baggage guidelines are reassessed by Japan after countries like United States, South Korea and Europe decided to relax theirs. A trial of the relaxed policy might be conducted by the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry at Narita International Airport by spring 2014.

Photo Credits: WSJ