Asia Bizz: World Stocks See Positive Growth As Bank Of Japan Eases Its Monetary Policies

Bank of Japan has led the world stocks to observe positive growth, the Bank of Japan eased out its monetary policy, as step to boost their economy. Last week the Federal Reserve chief of US stated that it is ready to provide more help to improve the US economy.

Yen Dollar

Nikki 225 stood strong and closed by a strong 158.2 points i.e. a 1.8% at a total of 9149.26. The positive movement was noticed when the bank of Japan eased out its monetary policy for expanding its low interest loans to financial institutions from 20 trillion Yen to 30 trillion yen. There has been considerable development in the Yen and the Japanese exports during the last week.

The main markets to see strong developments are hoped from the US, but the little increase in their stocks has not helped much for the US economy, as it needs substantial growth to regain its strength.


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