China-based multinational electronics company TCL is about to release its first video game console, which will be similar to Microsoft?s highly popular Xbox. The company is planning to debut the new console later in 2014.


An executive from TCL revealed the company’s upcoming plans, saying that it has high expectations for the gaming sector which has been restricted in China for years. Hao Yi, the president of TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Ltd – which is a major subsidiary of TCL -?said, “Entertainment will be the biggest focus for us in 2014”.

Hao also mentioned that there is an ever-increasing demand for consoles from the youngsters in China and the current situation will help the company to increase its sales in the market. For the time being, the company did not disclose any particular date for the launch of the new console. The government of China stopped subsidizing the household appliances market in mid-2013.

With this in mind, the company was looking for a new idea for its business. TCL has hopes that the new gaming console will help the company to tap into a lucrative market, which has been closed by the country’s regulators for more than a decade.

Photo Credits: Gadgetguy