Asia Bizz: Dell And HP Heat Up Their Bid For 3Par

New movement has been reported with the technology giants, HP and Dell, as they push up their bid amounts for the 3Par deal. Dell has brought its price up to $1.8 billion or $27 per share, to match the bid with HP. But then within hours of the raise, HP went higher to $2 billion or $30 per share.

dell and hp

The trump card is in the hands of Dell as it has already kept an agreement with 3Par, so it has to sustain its bid, as long as its rivals keep pushing up. The increase over the bid has made the company’s price rise by three times in the last two weeks.

On the other hand the share prices of 3Par have gone up by 10% in the New York Stock trading. Dell and HP are in a bid race to take over 3Par, a data storage company that will help any of the company’s to have a strong foot in the world of cloud computing.


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