The United Nations (UN) body said that the world will miss its aim of universal education by 2015. A report released by the UN body mentioned that millions of children and adults still remain without education. The Asian country of India has the biggest population of illiterate adults, 287 million, which accounts for 37% of the total population of such people all over the world.

illiterate population

Irina Bokova, the director general of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) said, ?In 2008, the EFA Global Monitoring Report asked??will we make it?? With less than two years left before 2015, this Report makes it clear that we will not?. The report also said that out of those who are going to school, a significant number is not learning even the basics and the international learning crisis is costing governments $129 billion on a yearly basis.

The report also stated that the lack of funding is one of the main obstacles in achieving education for everyone and the global economic slowdown was named as the reason for this situation. UNESCO said that the finance gap has reached $26 billion. The agency said that the overall education aid to less developed countries was static between 2009 and 2010 at $14.4 billion and then fell in 2011.

The countries – including India – have been advised by the UN body to improve their tax regimes in an attempt to provide more funds to the education sector.

Photo Credits: WUNRN