Asia Bizz: Research In Motion (RIM) To Place BlackBerry Server In India

Research In Motion finally gave in to the demands of the Indian government, and has now agreed to place a BlackBerry server in India. RIM has said that it will be providing full information to India about the server. India has said that it will review the system for 60 days and then state about the situation.

blackberry India

The Indian government had concerns of the encryption code of the BlackBerry messaging and email services, as they could not be deciphered. This had the possibility, that terrorist could use the service against India. During the 26/11 attacks in India, terrorists had used GPS and satellite phones for communication, which shows that terrorist can also use the means of technology to do terrorism.

Research In Motion could not afford to loose its grip over the Indian telecom market, as it has more than a million users of the BlackBerry service. RIM shares closed on a year low of $45.99 in the US stock trading in New York. India is one of the world’s fastest growing telecom market and BlackBerry just could not take a chance to give up on India.