For people who want to join the Xbox live as a member, they are advised that by the 1st of November the rates for the Gold subscription will be going up. And for those who are already the Gold members of Xbox they should expect a $10 rise in their yearly subscription.

The director of programming for Xbox live, Larry Hyrb, disclosed the subscription rise in his twitter feed. He stated that the yearly membership will go up from $50 to$60, three months membership to go up from $20 to $25 and monthly membership from $8 to $10. The subscription rise wont be affecting the US gamers only but also the gamers from Canada, Mexico and the UK.

The people are advised that there is an ongoing scheme for subscription, which is yearly subscription  scheme, and is priced at $40, but it will expire on the 1st of November. Xbox live is seeing a strong rise in subscriptions, and the price rise will be profiting Microsoft heavily.


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