Asia Bizz: Hotmail ActiveSync For iPad And iPhone, But Not for Android Yet

Microsoft has provided Hotmail ActiveSync support for iPad and the iPhone gadgets, but surprisingly not for the Android system. The Hotmail spokesperson told the media that the Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync service is available for every Hotmail user in the world today. And as per the service, it is available to be used on the Window Mobile 6.0 + platform, the E,S and N-Series Nokia platform, but not yet available on the Android system.


But Microsoft has promised that it will be coming up with the ActiveSync platform for the Android too, in the upcoming months. Testing is being done on the Android 2.1 platform, but they are experiencing client issues while using Hotmail ActiveSync on the Android.

The Exchange ActiveSync program helps the user to get their emails, calenders and contacts pushed automatically on their phone. For existing user using email clients like the Outlook and Windows Live, Hotmail ActiveSync will be supported too.


  1. Hotmail is irrelevant with Android and the mobile space in general. The main reason I shy away from hotmail (msn) and yahoo mail Clients and apps is cause of the amount out bloat they love to shove down users throats. It its a constant source of junk mail, virus and vulnerabilities. Microsoft and yahoo do users good you stay away from Android. Yahoo’s Android mail client uses so much bloat that the app. lasted three minutes on my phone, it slowed it on half!

    Wise users should avoid these apps. Its just as simple to use web versions of them, and you don’t get any bloat, all of it stays localized on the providers servers.