Search engine giant Google introduced a video conferencing tool, which has been specifically designed to make it easier, as well as more affordable to hold face-to-face business-related meetings, even when users are in various locations. The new device is known as Chromebox for Meetings and has been launched on February 6, 2014 for $999 in the US market.


Google’s latest device will be launched in the upcoming weeks in other markets, such as the United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, France, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The price tag of $999 also includes technology support during the first twelve months and after that, customers will have to pay $250 on a yearly basis if and when they require support. The Chromebox for Meetings is sold by HP, Dell Inc. and AsusTek Computer Inc.

The search engine said that the box contains everything required for setting up a video conferencing system which can connect people in up to 15 various locations. The company informed that users have to simply connect the device to a display screen and follow the instructions step by step.

With the introduction of the new Chromebox, the company is showing its commitment to continue stamping its brand on a variety of gadgets. The news of the latest release comes just a week after Google announced plans to sell its Motorola Mobility smartphone business to Lenovo Group.

Photo Credits: Citeworld