German luxury auto manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a limited edition of its newly-improved E-Class Coupe in the Japanese market. The limited edition vehicle will be sold in Japan only.


The latest model will be available only in the E250 Coupe model and will be featuring some interesting items. The new model’s features will help it in standing out from the crowd easily. The E250 Coupe will come with the AMG alloy wheels, which will have a twin spoke design, will be 18-inch in size and will feature different front and rear spoilers.

The new E250 will also come with a Polar White finish for 80 units and 20 unites will comes with a Fire Opal shade. The white variant will get a Bengal red upholstery, while the red version will be coming with a beige upholstery. Both versions will feature the Nappa leather on the steering wheel, as well as on the dashboard.

The prices will begin from 7.12 million yen, which is around 70,000 units and the company’s E250 Coupe Limited Edition is only available in Japan. Since its inception, the car giant maintained its reputation thanks to its quality and durability. Apart from passenger cars, the company also manufactures trucks, buses, vans and limousines, which are known for its quality.

Photo Credits: Zig Wheels