Asia Bizz: Dell May Move Out Of The 3Par Bid Against Hp: Experts Analysis

Dell Inc. America, may move out of the bid over 3Par against Hp, the reason is that the stakes are just going higher. Experts have stated that Dell may back out very soon in its race against to take over of 3Par, a data storage technology company, as Hp has risen its bid price to $2billion.

Dell will be having time till Wednesday this week, to match up with Hp’s $2 billion stake, which can help either of the companies to come out from personal computing to become an enterprise technology service provider. Hp and Dell both recognize the importance of acquiring 3Par.

Acquiring 3Par will help these companies step into the world of cloud computing, in which data storage is the most important resource. But then Hp is bigger than Dell and could have the possibility to steal the last piece of the pie. Hp’s annual revenue hits $115 billion and Dell does not even come to the half its revenue at $53 billion only. Dell on the other hand has not commented on the ongoing situation.


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