Japanese auto giant Toyota announced a recall of 1.9 million Prius hybrid cars all over the world due to a fault. The fault in question can lead to a sudden slow down of the vehicle. The recent recall will most likely going to affect the Japanese car maker’s reputation when it comes to safety.


Toyota said that it made the decision regarding the call back when it discovered problems with the software which is used to control a power converter which could potentially pose a risk to drivers. A Tokyo-based spokesperson for the company said, “Because, in the worst case, the car could stop while driving we do consider this a potential safety issue and that’s the reason why we are implementing this recall”.

So far, no accidents have been reported due to this defect and in the majority of cases, the defect will set off warning lights in the vehicle and will cause it to enter the so-called ‘fail-safe mode’. In such a mode, the car can still be driven, but with reduced power. The spokesperson went on to say that the vehicle would slow down and eventually stop.

Toyota’s latest recall covered about 997,000 vehicles in Japan, as well as another 713,000 vehicles in North America, while other vehicles are located in China, the Middle East and Europe.

Photo Credits: Tree Hugger


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