The government of China will be taking additional measures in order to combat the problem of heavy pollution in the country. China will be speeding up changes in the energy structure, as well as schedule stricter controls on exhaust emissions and dust in an attempt to fight pollution.

china pollution fund

A number of detailed measures have been laid out by the country’s central government and these measures have managed to identify big cities and regions with the most frequent smog and haze as important areas in China’s long-lasting battle against heavy air pollution. After the State Council’s executive meeting – which was presided over by Premiere Li Keqiang on February 12, 2014 – a statement was released which explained that a special fund of 10 billion yuan will be set up in 2014 by the central government and the money will be used to reward efforts put into reducing air pollution in the most affected areas.

Some of the measures include promoting cleaner coal with low sulfur content, as well as reducing the consumption of coal. The statement went on to say that projects will be launched to transmit electricity across the regions, which will accelerate the adjustment of the energy structure.

According to environmental experts, the policies will help in executing the Airborne Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan. This is a move which was taken by the central government five months back to improve the nation’s air quality.

Photo Credits: Reuters


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