Japan-based power supplier Chubu Electric Power Co. submitted an application for a safety assessment of one of the three reactors at the Hamaoka nuclear plant which is located in Shizuoka Prefecture on February 14, 2014. The company forwarded the application despite the risk of tsunami which forced it to close down in 2011 at the request of Naoto Kan, the Prime Minister.


The recent move by the company increased the number of safety assessment applications to 17, which are received by the Nuclear Regulation Authority. After the application, the authority is expected to follow the same procedure which it applies on reactors elsewhere, regardless of Kan’s unusual demand.

The safety of the plant reactors was questioned and it is uncertain if they would be able to withstand the tsunami. The Hamaoka complex is located in the city of Omaezaki on the Pacific coast, a region which is very prone to massive earthquakes. Two of the reactors were shut down in 2009.

Meanwhile, Chubu Electric has been taking additional measures in order to protect the plant from such calamities. The company has been building huge seawalls, as well as taking other measures to protect the plant. These safety measures are expected to be completed by September 2015.

Photo Credits: Enformable


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