Asia Bizz: New Xbox 360 Controller Unveiled By Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft is almost everywhere on the news and this time it has brought in a new gadget, specially for the Xbox 360 players. Microsoft recently has unveiled the new controller for the Xbox 360. The new controller will be launched in the month of November, and has featured a new transforming D-pad.
Xbox 360 Controller

The first striking feature of the Xbox 360 controller is that it is wireless and has a new tone colour, it will be coming in a Gray and Black shade. All the buttons on the controller are of different tones of Gray, something unique on a game controller.

The most exciting component on the controller is the new D-Pad, which will give the user a whole new experience in gaming. The D-Pad can be twisted and will suit the gamer’s likeness. At one position after the twist, the D-Pad will be flush from behind and then with another twist it makes the disc come up suiting the gamer’s position.


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