Thai Airways International – which is also known as THAI – is set to provide its customers with in-flight connectivity. For now, the new service will be offered on just a few flights and at a price. The carrier launched its Wi-Fi internet services on February 14, 2014 on six of its Airbus 380-800 super jumbos, as well as seven Airbus 330-300 jetliners, after the company managed to secure the long-awaited licence.


The airline got the approval from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission on January 7, 2014. With the introduction of the Thai Sky Connect, the company has become the first airline in Thailand to provide its passengers with Wi-Fi. Meanwhile, other carriers in the country, like Thai AirAsia and Nok Air are still in the process of introducing internet services to their passengers.

In addition to that, Thai Airways states that it has become the fifth airline in Asia to offer in-flight connectivity. During the first three months of the trial run, THAI will waive Wi-Fi fees for passengers in the business class and they will be able to use various services online, including virtual private networks, emails, instant messaging and web browsing.

The airline applied for the in-flight Wi-Fi license and GSM 1800 phones services in 2011.

Photo Credits: Vulcan post


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