Search engine giant Google offered a bit of advice to early adopters of its popular eyewear and told them not to be ‘Glassholes’. This was one of the last suggestions in a code of conduct which was posted on the Internet specifically for software developers and others who are participating in an explorer program which provides early access to Google Glass.

google glass

It seems like Google was concerned about the recent incidents, when users of Google Glass were thrown out of pubs and other establishments due to worries that it has camera capabilities built into the device. In a guided post online, the search engine giant said, “Don’t be creepy or rude (aka, a “Glasshole”). Respect others and if they have questions about Glass don’t get snappy.”

It was suggested that users of the device must be polite and offer demonstrations in an attempt to win over those who are suspicious. Users of Google Glass received an advice that it is better to follow the same rules which have been set for smartphone use in businesses. Some of the suggestions stated that if you are told to switch off your phone, also switch off your Google Glass and that breaking the rules or being rude is not going to make the business of Glass exciting and will ruin it for other people.

Google went on to say that the wearable device is supposed to help in providing information to wearers and let them get back to doing things in the real world.

Photo Credits: Ubergizmo


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