The Parliament of India confirmed the formation of the 29th state in India, Telangana – which was once part of the state of Andhra Pradesh – on February 20, 2014. The people of Telangana rejoiced and expressed their happiness over the latest development with crackers and sweets.


Amidst plenty of chaos, Rajya Sabha passed the Andhra Pradesh State Reorganization Bill. The president will hand over his assent and will sign the bill in order to make it a law. Moreover, Lok Sabha gave its approval on February 18, 2014. Media reports say that Seemandhara lawyers will move to the Supreme Court in an attempt to object to the formation of a separate state.

People in Hyderabad, Warangal, Karimnagar and other cities were seen bursting crackers and splashing colors to celebrate the new state formation. A number of people also visited the Telangana martyrs’ memorial which is located in Hyderabad. S Jaipal Reddy – the Union Minister – and MP Hanumantha Rao gathered at the Mahatma Gandhi statue and congratulated the Congress President Sonia Gandhi on the creation of the new state.

While talking to reporters, Reddy said that the credit for the new state creation goes to Mrs. Gandhi. The union minister went on to say that the Congress President took a massive risk by endangering her popularity with her base in the Seemandhara region.

Photo Credits: The Hindu


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