Search engine giant Google is working on building a super-fast US Internet network. The company is trying to rope in a few giants from the industry in the project.


Google gained confidence with its Fiber projects in Texas, the Kansas City region and Utah, after which it is aiming high by inviting 34 other cities to explore the potential of creating the ultra-fast networks. Milo Medin, the Google Access Services vice president said, “People are hungrier than ever for faster Internet, and as a result, cities across America are making speed a priority”.

Medin went on to say that the search engine has believed for a very long time that the next step for the Internet will be built on gigabit speeds and that it is good to see such development. The search engine made a reference to letters sent by city leaders from all over the country who insisted that high-speed Internet is crucial for innovation, as well as economic growth and education.

The vice president was also quick to point out that Google Fiber Projects might not work in every city that was invited to sign up. He added that cities that go through such process will be more prepared for them or any provider that wishes to build a fiber network.

Photo Credits: Atlantaintown power


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