Asia Bizz: Apple To Come Up With The New iPod Touch 4, Can It Be Worth?

More news from the American tech giant, Apple, as it will be coming up with the new upgrades for the iPod Touch 4. The new gadget is scheduled to be launched at the Yerba Buena Center of Arts, and the launch is eagerly awaited. The new iPod Touch will be having features from Apple’s iPhone 4, like high resolution display.


But is Apple expecting a bit too much from a pocket sized gadget that was once only a music goodie. It has been seen that people have lost some of their taste in having small size gadgets like the iPod, when all the pods features are available on the iPhone.

Some reports have suggested that Apple is nowadays having a strong interest in getting into people’s homes, through the TV. Apple is coming up with an upgraded version of the Apple TV, which has features like, one can rent TV episodes for 99cents. So is it credible for Apple to be working on gadgets like the iPod, one can seriously come up with this question, especially with many phones nowadays are having loads of more features than a iPod.


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