South Asian country of Bhutan has teamed up with the Japan-based auto giant Nissan on February 21, 2014. A deal has been signed between Nissan and the country, which is gearing up to become the ultimate showcase for electric cars, as well as take advantage of its hydropower, which is found in abundance.


The announcement of the new deal was made during the Nissan chief executive Carlos Ghosn’s visit to Thimpu, which is the capital of Bhutan. The government of Bhutan perceives electric vehicles as a way of reducing emissions, in addition to avoiding pollution in many cities of South Asia. Tshering Tobgay, the Prime Minister of Bhutan said, “The Royal Government of Bhutan is pleased to launch this partnership with Nissan as we work to achieve our vision of a leading global EV (Electric vehicle) nation”.

In order to further strengthen their relations and to mark the birthday of Bhutanese King, Nissan donated two of its Leaf electric car vehicles to the country’s government. Nissan will also be equipping Bhutan’s pool of government cars, as well as fleet of taxis.

The company will also set up a number of charging stations across Thimpu. Experts say that the setting up of the charging stations will help the people of Bhutan to adopt more electric cars in the country.

Photo Credits: HDnux


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