Athletes from South Korea returned home from the Winter Olympics in Sochi, after two weeks of exciting competition in the Russian city. This time, the country had its biggest Winter Olympics delegation yet, with 71 athletes who were competing in every sport, except hockey.

south korean olympics

South Korea ended the competition in 13th place and managed to win three gold medals, out of which one by speed skater Lee Sang-hwa, while two others by short tracker Park Seung-hi. The nation also won three silver medals and two bronze medals. There were speculations that the result for the silver medal had been rigged, but the Olympic gold medalist from 2010, Kim Yu-na showcased a perfect short program and free skate.

The presentation drew plenty of appreciation from fans and experts, both in South Korea and abroad. South Korea also has high expectations from the upcoming games in 2018, which will be held on their home ground in PyeongChang, located on the east coast. South Korea also excelled in short track at the Winter Olympics, with teenage athlete Shim Suk-hee proved that the sport is in good hands.

The 17-year-old athlete is also eyeing a better performance in PyeongChang. She succeeded in taking the women’s 3,000 m relay team to the gold and also earned the silver medal in the 1,500 meter and bronze in the 1,000 m.

Photo Credits: Zimbio


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