Europe has become one of the fastest growing markets for electronics cigarettes. The European Parliament approved rules for the electronic cigarettes market of the region on February 26, 2014 and these regulations can help in setting standards across the globe.


As of mid-2016, advertising for e-cigarettes is set to be forbidden in 28 nations of the European Union, just as advertising for ordinary tobacco products is already banned. Manufacturers of e-cigarette products will have to print a graphic health warnings and they also need to be childproof. According to the guideline, the amount of nicotine will be limited to 20 milligrams per milliliter, which will be similar to ordinary cigarettes.

Besides Europe, governments across the globe are trying their best to regulate the usage of e-cigarettes, which turn nicotine-infused propylene glycol into vapor which can be inhaled. In recent times, sales of e-cigarettes have increased, which has put a question mark over the public health. Even the Food and Drug Administration in the United States is all set to issue regulations for the device.

Moreover, some American cities have already banned e-cigarettes in public places. The tobacco legislation in Europe just needs a final approval of the member states.

Photo Credits: Redorbit