Aircraft manufacturer Boeing announced a brand new phone which has been designed specifically for people who are handling top secret missions. If the phone has been tampered with or has reached the wrong hands, then it will automatically erase any data and will become inoperable.


Boeing – which is better known for manufacturing aircraft – said that it needed to help various organizations to get trusted access to data in order to accomplish their given missions. The new device from Boeing is named ‘Black’ and entered the ever-growing market of high-security smartphones.

On the other hand, a similar device was announced during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and is named Blackphone, which is aimed at businesses and consumers who are more worried about their private data. The aircraft manufacturer already provides secure communications for the United States government officials, including the US president Barack Obama.

Black by Boeing is not meant for mainstream use and the company is yet to announce its price, as well as release date. Boeing said that it took about 36 months of research and development and the device has been made on the basis of recent acquisitions for various technologies. When it comes to specifications, the device will have two SIM cards which will allow users to switch between government and commercial networks.

Photo Credits: Android Central


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