Asia Bizz: Samsung Galaxy S Sales Skyrocket, Takes Strong Advantage For Apple Downfall

The Samsung Galaxy S smartphone sales have skyrocketed in the US, as sales figures have touched 1 million in just 45 days. Apple had sold some 1.7 million units in the first weekend of the launch but then according to the experts the Samsung shipment figures are just the initial figures compared to Apple unit sales. This is just the beginning of a strong Android market in the US.


According to Jack Gold, an analyst at the J. Gold Associates stated that it is clear that Android will be overtaking Apple in sometime in the future, may by 2011 the Samsung sales will surpass Apple well easily. The reason is that, the customers have found a better alternative than the Apple, and more over it costs less.

The Samsung officials stated that it has sent out large shipments, not sales, there is a difference here. But according to the experts if the shipments are meant to go straight to the retailers then it means that there will be quick sales. From what it looks now, is that the Android will be overtaking the US market in some and this is indeed bad news for Apple inc.


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