Asia Bizz: The Samsung Galaxy Tab Unveiled, Direct Contender To The Apple iPad

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab has been unveiled by Samsung and by no doubts it is indeed a strong contender to the Apple iPad. The Galaxy Tab was unveiled at the IFA show and has a host of features that can be going one on against the Apple iPad. It is a 7 inch Tablet and runs on an Android 2.2 FroYo.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

It is really unbelievable that it can make and receive both voice and video calls, send and receive SMS/MMS/Emails. Its indeed a fully functioning phone and a tablet too, which will be available on PAYG by October.

First of all its a proper E Reader, and comes with ‘Readers Hub’, which provides one to download thousand of books and magazines from the web. Plus it comes with the Music Hub by 7Digital, which helps a person to download great music. The it comes with a 16GB and 32GB option, with a 3 mega pixel camera with a flash in the rear and a front facing camera for video calls.

As it is powered by the latest Android 2.2, it comes equipped with the Google Navigation, Google Goggles and an inbuilt GPS, so even on the move u cannot get lost when the tab is with you. It runs all the Office tools plus email clients and can serve one as a small PC. The final conclusion is its better than the iPad and is worth it, as it is a total package built by Samsung called the Galaxy Tab.


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