The new season for Mount Everest climbing has begun and a new set of rules have been laid down to climbers. The new rules state that climbers will have to bring down their own garbage and more security officials will be deployed at the base camp in order to assist climbers. Maddhu Sudan Burlakoti, the official from the tourism ministry said that climbers – on an individual basis – must bring down at least eight kilograms of their personal garbage and have to hand it over to officials who are stationed at the camp.

mt everest

The latest move has been made by the Nepalese government in order to clean the highest mountain in the world, that attracts hundreds of Western climbers and provides a steady income for the local, as well as national economy. So far, climbing teams were asked to bring down their garbage or risk losing a $US 4,000 deposit, however, this has not been very effective and was not even widely enforced.

The mountain was conquered in 1953 by Edmund Hilary and his Sherpa guide Tenzing Norgay and since then, more than 4,000 climbers have scaled the 8,850 meter summit. In the past years, climbers have left plenty of garbage behind on the slopes of the mountain.

Due to this, many have called Mount Everest as the world’s highest garbage dump.

Photo Credits: Free junk removal


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