Asia Bizz: 3Par Race Heats Up, HP Raises Bid Price To $2.1 Billion

HP has determined itself that it wants to take over the data storage company 3Par. The bid price has risen to $2.1 billion and HP wants to be a safe way ahead of Dell in the acquisition of 3Par. The share price for the take over too has gone up, to $33 a share and will be staying that way.
HP 3Par Dell

The race in the acquisition has heated up from the past two weeks when Dell showed its interest that it want to take over 3Par at a price of $1.2 billion. HP later stepped in and placed a bid higher to Dell, since then Dell and HP are in a war to take over 3Par.

3Par will be a great boon for any of the company’s, as it will be, first of all providing sufficient space for data storage and in addition to that, both HP and Dell are looking forward to place itself in the world of cloud computing. So the main essence to cloud computing is having enough data storage facility, which can be provided after taking over 3Par. As far as the acquisition looks from here, HP is way ahead now.


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