In recent times, Yahoo India lost its influence in the market in front of other competitors, like Google. Due to this, the company is trying hard to gain back its market share in the country and has launched a brand new homepage. The company is hoping that the new launch will be able to improve the usage of all its features like search engines, mails, as well as photo sharing applications.


The company unveiled its new homepage on March 7, 2014. I.M. Swaminathan, the director of media product and business operations in India and South East Asia at Yahoo said, “It’s a more fluid, visual design. The biggest beauty about this is it works seamlessly across all three screens (personal computers, mobile phones and tablets)”.

Additional features include an infinite scroll – which means that a web page never ends – personalized homepage – which is based on the surfing behavior of user – Yahoo weather and Yahoo video. Swaminathan went on to say that the idea was to make it entertaining and the relaunch is based on users’ feedback and a lot of research.

The content on the new homepage is personalized, which means that users will be allowed to delete content based on a particular topic, after which the search engine stops showing it again. Yahoo has also launched new homepages for other countries, like Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

Photo Credits: Business Insider


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