The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NIICT) was planning to install high-tech camera software at the Osaka train station building during April 2014. However, the latest news is that the plan has been postponed because of opposition from a local civic group.


NHK announced on March 7, 2014 that the group is against the usage of software, which is capable of tracking movements of individuals. The technology also has facial recognition photography, however, the group is opposing it because it thinks that it is an invasion of individual privacy.

The plan made by the NIICT stated that 90 cameras will be installed in the Osaka Station City. The goal of the plan was to track pedestrian traffic, as well as congestion at the station. Moreover, this would help in evacuation efforts during disasters over the upcoming two years. The NIICT had informed the public about the capabilities of the cameras which will be installed and that the photos will capture only the entire pedestrian traffic. It has been confirmed that the system will not be capturing any facial features in particular.

Despite such assurance, many university professors, as well as other members of the civic group stated that filming passersby in areas is something that they will not approve.

Photo Credits: Japan Daily Press


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