Employees of the Indian software firm Wipro will soon be able to access free Wi-Fi in the company’s buses. The company is in talks with Sistema Shyam Teleservices (SSTL) to implement the Wi-Fi service. The decision was made by the company so that its employees make better use of their commuting time.

wi fi

The news was revealed by officers familiar with the development. The move has been made in an attempt to improve the productivity of the staff and the company has initiated a pilot project which might be extended to other locations. The deal is likely to be signed later in March 2014. The telecom company will equip some 100-odd Wipro staff buses in the IT capital of the country with hot spots of Wi-Fi.

Wipro employees who are based outside of Bangalore travel at least two hours by bus, so to be able to access their smartphones on the buses can be a powerful tool to reduce two hours of unproductivity which is spent to commute to the office. However, the jury is still considering whether such move will actually improve the productivity. The company is examining the possibility of making available high-speed data connectivity on the bus service for its employees.

A spokesperson for Wipro said that this is just an exploratory stage.

Photo Credits: Wikimedia


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